Browser full page chat access: If the flashplayer is not working for you we may suggest you download and install the iWebcam® desktop chat version.

Desktop Chat Version

The Desktop chat from iWebcam® provides a great tool to keep in touch with friends and meet other random people from all over the world. The easy to install download is available from Download.com website. You may also click the download link at the top of this page.


The chat service connects persons using desktop computers and Android devices. An Android symbol in the user list next to the user name represents a person using our Android app to connect with others in chat.

There are a number of chat settings which help you tailer your desired interactivity with other chatters.


Allow Private Messages: This feature allows you to turn off the receipt of private message request from other members in the chat or just accept messages from your selected chat favorites.


Allow Personal Room Invite and allow private room invites: The chat service offers public/personal chat rooms and private chat rooms. You can turn disallow invites or just restrict invites from your selected chat favorites.


Broadcast Bandwidth: While we boast a low latency efficient broadcast stream you may choose to make your broadcast stream even more efficient by reducing the bandwidth of the stream.


Use Room Skin: Each room has a room skin which is set by the room host. You may opt to use the set room skin or choose a default skin for your chat experience.

Registered members may create and host a chat room on the iWebcam® chat service.


Room Type: A many-to-many chat room allows all participants to broadcast a cam and type in the public text input area. A one-to-many only allows the room host to broadcast a cam. Participants in the room may view the host cam and type in the public text input area.


Password Protected: Your personal chat room may have the access protected by a password. Only person's knowing the password may access the chat room.


Restrictions: You may select special restriction options for your chat room. You may opt to allow only upgraded members to participate in your chat room. Also, you can restrict the chat room access to only those persons selected to be a chat favorite.


Visible on Room List:  By default the chat room will be listed on our public chat room list. You may opt to remove the chat room from the listing.


Room Skin:  There are a number of chat room skins you may select for your chat room. The selected skin will be displayed to participants using the chat room that have opted to use the room host's chat room skin.


Embed Code:  We provide a chat room embed code which may be used to place your chat room on a website or social profile. The embedded chat room and personal chat room are the same chat room instance.




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